Celebrating 75 years! 1938 - 2013

Warner Vineyards founded in 1938
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Warner Vineyards Wine List


Warner Brut Sparkling Wine
Warner Brut
$29.99/btl    $323.90/1 case
An exquisite blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir produced in the French Methode Champenoise. Our flagship limited edition sparkling wine has won numerous medals in National and International Wine Competitions.
Warner Vineyards Sparkling Demi-Sec Wine
Sparkling Demi-Sec
$19.99/btl    $215.90/1 case
A popular new cuvee that abounds in subtle blends of fruity flavors. Elegant bubbles sparkle with a touch of sweetness.


Warner Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay Wine
Chardonnay Reserve
$19.99/btl    $215.30/1 case
Completely barrel fermented; full-bodied with rich and creamy buttery flavors.
Warner Vineyards Pinot Grigo Wine
Pinot Grigio
$18.99/btl    $205.10/1 case
Smooth and light-bodied with a hint of fruit. A popular flowery wine with a short, clean finish.
Warner Vineyards Riesling Wine
$16.99/btl    $183.50/1 case
Fruity, floral aromas with a hint of sweetness.
Warner Vineyards Traminette Wine
$17.99/btl    $194.30/1 case
Spicy, rich flavors overwhelm your palate; simply marvelous! A must buy.
Warner Vineyards Gewurztraminer Wine
$18.99/btl    $205.10/1 case
Spicy floral flavors; a great compliment to Asian fare.
Warner Vineyards Classic White Demi-Sec Wine
Classic White Demi Sec
$11.99/btl    $129.50/1 case
Impressive aromatic properties are exquisitely expressed in this charming wine in the blue bottle.
Warner Vineyards Grapes of Love Wine
Grapes of Love
$10.99/btl    $118.70/1 case
Formerly called "Liebestrauben"; a silky smooth white wine with great legs and excellent body. WOW!! Our #1 Selling Wine.


Warner Vineyards Classic Blush Wine
Classic Blush
$9.99/btl    $107.90/1 case
A lively, fresh and fruity wine blended to enhance any occasion.


Warner Vineyards Cabernet Franc Wine
Cabernet Franc
$29.99/btl    $323.90/1 case
Powerful rich, intense blackberry and cherry fruit characters with a hint of vanilla engage the senses while mellowing to a sublime finish.
Warner Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon
$24.99/btl    $269.90/1 case
A full-bodied, full flavored red with hints of cherry, blackberry, and cocoa.
Warner Vineyards 2 Cab Merlot Wine
2 Cab/Merlot
$34.99/btl    $377.90/1 case
A special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot reminiscent of a true Bordeaux; absolutely phenomenal.
Warner Vineyards Merlot Wine
$19.99/btl    $215.90/1 case
Overflowing with earthy overtones and soft tannins, along with fantastic creamy smooth finish.
Warner Vineyards Veritas Wine
$18.99/btl    $205.10/1 case
Latin for "Truth"; big and soft with the right balance of fruit and flavor.
Warner Vineyards Ruby Red Wine
Ruby Red
$13.99/btl    $151.10/1 case
A light-bodied, fruity red wine. Great for any occasion, pairs well with pizza and pasta.
Warner Vineyards Mello Red Wine
Mello Red
$12.99/btl    $140.30/1 case
Wonderfully fruity with superb character and balance.
Warner Vineyards Sangria
$9.99/btl    $107.90/1 case
Delightfully fresh and fruity, our sweetest red wine.


Warner Vineyards Red Currant Fruit Wine
Red Currant
$11.99/btl    $129.49/1 case
A delightfully sweet wine with complex red currant flavors mixed with white wine.
Warner Vineyards Blueberry Splash Fruit Wine
Blueberry Splash
$12.99/btl    $140.30/1 case
Made with 100% South Haven, Michigan blueberries, this wine will compliment any dessert made with blueberries.
Warner Vineyards Very Very Cherry Fruit Wine
Very Very Cherry
$13.99/btl    $151.10/1 case
Produced with 100% Michigan Balaton cherries. This lusciously balanced cherry wine is a cross between sweet and tart. Gold medal winner!
Warner Vineyards Peach & Honey Fruit Wine
Peach & Honey
$14.99/btl    $161.90/1 case
A killer blend of peaches, honey, apricots, cinnamon and white wine.
Warner Vineyards Holiberry Fruit Wine
$11.99/btl    $129.49/1 case
A truly unique combination of premium white wine and cranberries. Deliciously smooth; an excellent compliment to any meal.


Warner Vineyards Port Wine
$19.99/btl    $215.90/1 case
Deep ruby red color and fantastic aromatic properties reminiscent of the finest Portuguese counterparts.
Warner Vineyards Solera Cream Sherry
Solera Cream Sherry
$19.99/btl (500ml)    $215.90/1 case
Rich flavors of almond and oak. Solera means a factional blending system. 16% alcohol
Warner Vineyards Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
$74.99/btl    $809.90/1 case
An enchanting dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. A sweet taste of heaven.


Warner Vineyards Sparkling White Grape Juice
White Grape Juice
$6.99/btl    $75.50/1 case
100% all natural with no sugar added.
Warner Vineyards Sparkling Red Grape Juice
Red Grape Juice
$6.99/btl    $75.50/1 case
100% all natural with no sugar added.

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