Food & Wine Pairing Tips

Have you ever eaten a meal where the wine and food were so good that you could not forget about it? Then, did you later have that same wine with a different dish or the same dish with a different wine only to be disappointed?

Count yourself fortunate to have experienced the perfect marriage of wine and food. When the wine balances with the food in flavor, texture and taste, both food and wine enhance each other.

Here are a few hints to consider that will make food and wine pairing simple. But remember, if YOU like a certain wine with a particular food, thats all that matters!

  1. Use the same wine in the recipe as you will be serving with the meal.
  2. Mask salty dishes with slightly sweet wines.
  3. Serve cool, sweet, low alcohol wines with hot, spicy foods. Higher alcohol accentuates heat.
  4. Balance acidic foods with sweet wines or round, dry, low acid wines.
  5. Combine sweet wines with desserts. Make sure the wine is always sweeter than the dessert.